Restructuring Sukuk: A cause for concern?


For conventional bonds, issuers who default or delay payments are usually penalized by an update in the interest rate, which is usually linked to their credit rating. But for Sukuk, where interest is forbidden, the question of restructuring can be a little

Debt and default: Restructuring the Islamic way


With liquidity tight especially across core Islamic finance markets in the Gulf, banks are becoming increasingly risk averse. Lending is down to its lowest point in four years in the GCC, with banks set for a profit dip as asset growth slows

Infrastructure projects appealing to Islamic finance


Infrastructure undertakings across multiple markets are including Shariah compliant tranches in their fundraising activities in order to leverage the high liquidity of the Islamic market and expand their pool of potential investors. From highway construction to water systems, power plants to railway

Businesses turn to Islamic banks amid tough times for lenders


The banking industry has had a tough year, especially in oil-producing regions like the GCC where surpluses have shrunk and deposits diminished, placing pressure on lending activity and causing problems for corporates seeking business financing. Lending attitudes have become more conservative as