Danajamin: Who, what, why and where?

For corporates keen to raise capital in the public domain, a credit guarantee can be a valuable stepping stone – allowing them to obtain better rates at lower risk, and offering new entrants a tried and tested route to market. In 2009,

The Salam structure: Unusual but effective

This month we explore the simple yet sometimes controversial structure of Salam, usually defined as the sale of a specific commodity delivered at a fixed date in the future in return for full payment on spot. The contract offers versatility in terms

Ethical nature of Islamic capital markets could be a catalyst for global prosperity

The World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank in 2017 published their first ever Global Report on Islamic Finance, a move that highlights the increasingly mainstream appeal of the sector. The report, entitled ‘A Catalyst for Shared Prosperity’, emphasizes the ethical nature

A new surge for cross-border collaboration

Cross-border trade across two of the biggest Islamic markets in the world is poised for growth following a ground-breaking new agreement between financial regulators. In August, Malaysia and Indonesia formally agreed to grant greater access and operational flexibility to banks operating in